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About Finclusion Systems


We offer a secure and rapid enterprise development platform to enable the financial industry to develop blockchain applications and services.

Finclusion Systems team of programmers, cryptographers, security experts, distributed network developers, and Financial Industry veterans contribute, services, support, and source code for open-source Blockchain software and APIs to deliver a development platform for secure and rapid enterprise deployment of applications and services for our customers.

Finclusion Systems works with financial institutions, developers, emerging blockchain technology companies and transaction networks to accelerate the growth and deployment of blockchain technology.

Finclusion Systems mission is to enable the financial industry to evolve secure and productive financial services to enable global financial inclusion.

The London-based company is funded by impact investors seeking compelling financial returns with high impact development results.

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 About Blockchain Technology


Blockchain is a rapidly emerging cryptographic Internet protocol and distributed database technology that promises to interconnect the world’s disparate financial systems to enable the secure, real-time transfer of any asset value of as determined by the transacting parties. As settlement infrastructures develop based on blockchain, Finclusion Systems offers open and secure, private or public platform services to enable financial institutions to transform and enhance today’s financial systems to the next generation of global financial inclusion.